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Welcome to the Shepherd 2 Shepherd resource and enews!

The purpose of this email is to provide information and resources to support your ministry as you serve our Lord and your community as a pastor.  This information will include ministry stories, and current CHOG events and news within the state and national ministries.

TN CHOG Calendar

  • May 1 – TN  Ministries Executive Council Zoom Meeting – 6:30/7:30 pm
  • May 7- 8 – Pastor’s Fellowship in Winchester
  • May 13 – Mother’s Day
  • May 28 – Memorial Day
  • June 11 – 14 – Junior Camp – Camp Overton
  • June 11 – 15 – Junior Camp – Camp Greene
  • June 18 – 22 – Junior High Camp – Camp Greene
  • June 18 – 23 – Teen Camp – Camp Overton
  • June 19 – 20 – CHOG Regional Conference – Columbus, OH
  • June 25 – 29 – Senior High Camp – Camp Greene


Scam Alert for on-line Donations

Do you have on-line donation available on your website?  If so, please be aware of a new scam targeting Ministries who collect donations on-line.  The following article from Brotherhood Mutual provides more detail information.


Pastor’s Fellowship

When: May 7 – 8 2018

Where: 1st CHOG in Winchester, KY

Theme: New Life

More information is available at the Pastor’s Fellowship website for this annual gathering of Church of God Pastors.


Summer Youth Camps

Camp Greene and Camp Overton both will have full summer camps for 2018.  Camps are a great way for our youth to grow as disciples.

Camp Greene Youth Camp Programs

  • June 11 – 15 – Junior Camp – Camp Greene
  • June 18 – 22 – Junior High Camp – Camp Greene
  • June 25 – 29 – Senior High Camp – Camp Greene

Camp Overton Youth Camp Programs

  • June 11 – 14 – Junior Camp – Camp Overton
  • June 18 – 23 – Teen Camp – Camp Overton–family-camp.html


TN Ministries Annual Minister and Congregational Registration.

The 2018 Annual Registration for pastors and congregations has begun.  This year, the registration is due by July 6.  I have attached registration documents to this Shepher2Shepherd email.  To save mailing costs, we are sending registration via email to most pastors and congregations.

This annual registration provides your Pastoral Ministries Team (Credentials) and the State Office with the information necessary to generate the list of all Church of God Ministers and Congregations, which is annually submitted in September to the Tennessee State Ministerial Fellowship for their review and endorsement.

The Ministerial Fellowship’s approved Minister and Congregational listing creates the basis for approval and recognition of Churches and Ministers in Tennessee.  This approval shows who is in fellowship with the Church of God and the congregational recognition provides the IRS Declaration of 501(C)3, which qualifies a church to receive tax exempt contributions.  Call Bob O’Dell (931) 224-0581 for more information.

CHOG Regional Conferences

Life. Abundant, whole, complete, perfect. It is the signature of the living Christ. That is the Church of God we want to be. This is where the Lord wants to take you at the Regional Church of God Conventions in five locations throughout 2018. Jesus is the subject. Take back what hell has stolen. Receive life. Hear life. Embrace life. (Adapted from the CHOG website)


Resources I found insightful

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Connecting with others in ministry is vital towards meeting the challenges of ministry.  If you would like to be part of a SHAPE group or want to learn more, please send me an email (pas[email protected]) to begin the journey in pastoral community.